Marlow’s mergers and acquisitions advisory operation is an independent provider of corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions advisory services. The Marlow professionals have specialized industry knowledge and experience, and provide corporate finance services with a wide range of transaction execution capabilities with respect to acquisitions, mergers, joint ventures, minority investments, divestitures, takeover defenses and distressed sales. The success of our corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions advisory services results from core principles of protecting client confidentiality, prioritizing client's interests, avoidance of conflicts and giving each assignment senior-level attention. Our team has almost 30 years of experience in providing corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions advice.

Client-Driven Rather than Deal-Driven

We are not focused on market share or maintaining a securities sales and trading operation. We rather focus on maintaining a select number of assignments with quality clients. Our emphasis is on long-term relationships and giving objective advice.

Absence of Conflicts of Interest

We are not engaged in underwriting, research or many of the numerous other businesses conducted by investment banks. This allows us to avoid any potential conflicts of interest that may arise from these activities, making us particularly well-suited to represent boards and special committees in the increasing number of situations where they are looking to retain a financial advisor who is devoid of such conflicts.

Unique Perspectives on Value Creation

Our firm's institutional knowledge includes experience both as a financial and strategic advisor, and also as a principal investor and financier. Our ability to view client assignments from both advisory and investor perspectives often helps to provide unique insights into how best to maximize value while also achieving clients' objectives.

Ability to Capitalize on Other Marlow Businesses

Our corporate finance and mergers and acquisitions advisory operation has synergies with other areas of our firm. We benefit from assignments generated by our private equity business and its portfolio companies as well as opportunities generated by our firm's extensive network of business relationships.