Marlow’s private equity activities have a mid market buy-out mandate. We look to partner with managers of sound, cash generative companies, providing capital and strategic resources to accelerate growth and improve operations. Our investment philosophy is to build exceptional businesses alongside proven entrepreneurs. Marlow has an established, highly disciplined and active investment management approach to sourcing, structuring, monitoring and exiting from investments.

Investment Approach

Marlow has a well-developed approach to identifying and executing investments that involves extensive due diligence, strong expertise in transaction structuring and financing, a focus on strategic and operational improvements, and the creation of partnerships. Only a handful or potential transaction opportunities ultimately become portfolio investments. The core investment principles of our private equity business are:

  • Fundamental Value

    We seek to identify companies with stable cash flows that can be purchased at the right price.

  • Pro-active Investment Approach

    We look to play an active role in all portfolio investments, and work closely with the managers of portfolio companies to add real value to the businesses.

  • Partnership

    In all cases, Marlow executes transactions with the full support of the company that we look to invest in.

  • Alignment of Interests

    We recognise the importance of aligning Marlow’s interests with those of our investors. On each portfolio investment we partner with senior managers, who also invest their own capital in the business.

  • Preference for Exclusivity

    We focus on the development of transactions that are exclusive to Marlow.


Marlow has built its record of success on the integrity of its dealings with portfolio companies, partners, shareholders and regulators. Our Advisory Board and management believe that appropriate corporate governance practices are essential for the effective management of our business and value creation for our partners.