Engineering News by Christy van der Merwe

| 02 June 2011

Teraco raises another R158m for data centre expansion in SA

Teraco Data Environments has secured ZAR158 million in funding which will allow it to triple the size of its data center in Johannesburg and pave the way for cheaper broadband charges.

The World Bank's International Finance Corporation and the Development Bank of Southern Africa made the investment in Africa's first neutral internet data center, a move which will pave the road for cheaper broadband connections for internet service providers and telecommunications carriers.

Vendor neutral data centers, which give enterprises unrestricted choice in how they connect to the Internet, are common in the U.S and Europe, but a first for Africa. Data centers store internet technology and networking equipment, and better freer to centers will lower internet provider transit charges, said Tim Parsonson, Teraco's chief executive officer.

Africa is a strategic priority for the IFC, particularly in investment between cross emerging markets, said Saleem Karimjee, IFC senior manager. "Internet communication technology does more than make widgets available to people--it has very deep social impacts as well."